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Thanks to people on this website - Darby was located and we are arranging for her return home!! thank you!!

Darby, my dog, is extremely special to me, and is missing. I am devastated..... We last saw her at about 11 am 8/20/05 at the Pumphouse Campgrounds between launch 1 & 2 during the Gore Fest event.

She is mostly white with tan ears and tan spots on her legs.

She has a disctinct marking at the base of her tail. Her tail is all white except for a quarter size tan spot at the base of her tail, almost on her behind.

She is 4 months old, and was last seen with a black collar (no tags). She is an english setter with a friendly demeanor.

If anyone noticed this dog at the campsite, please contact me @ 970-404-0442.

I live in Steamboat Springs, but will gladly drive how ever far is needed to pick her up.

Desperately in search of Darby!! Thank you.[/img]
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