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Minnesota Paddling Questions

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I am visiting my brother in Crane Lake near Orr, MN the first and second weeks of July. I would be flying into Minneapolis and renting a vehicle. Apparently the Vermillion River is up near him. Are there places to rent kayaks in Minneapolis? Any boaters around the area to paddle with? Would be looking for CL IV and up. If you know anybody or live in the area, please give me a shout! My email is [email protected]

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Rapids Riders is the MN kayaking forum, you should start there. Lots of good kayaking up there, but most of it is very seasonal (and July isn't the season). The Lower St. Louis might be up your alley though.
You could also check out the Kettle near Sandstone, MN/Banning SP. Midwest Mountaineering in MPLS is probably your best bet for boat rental. Definitely post on the Rapids Riders forum and you'll get feedback and people to paddle with.

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