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Middle Fork Salmon Late Season Flows

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I have a trip in a couple weeks , Flows could be close to 2.3, Has anybody done at this level in a 16ft raft? wondering if you get hung up a bunch, and how many miles can you do in six hrs ?
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you are lucky to have luxurious flows for this time of year. please don't stress about it.
Never been done before. You should probably cancel your trip.
First - Welcome to the Buzz.

Mid to late July is not late season. 2.3 can kick your butt if you aren't used to technical boating. Having seen it a few times I try not to get stuck until it gets down to 1.8 or below. Don't bring cast iron dutches. Wear fingerless gloves. It is a very, relatively easy level all through July usually but busy on the top.

I have a 17 foot raft and regularly go the end of September at 1.5 to 1.7 range. That is late season and yes I do get stuck. Some.

Figure a minimum of three to four miles per hour. It's not hard to make your mileage this time of year. Day one go easy. Then up your mileage. Have a blast.
I have run my Avon Pro below 2.5. It is doable but not as much fun. Can be a ton of work and frustrating. Any more I just take a smaller boat. Bring your technical A game.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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