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Yes, I find their arguments both shallow and pedantic. Furthermore, I attribute our constituents lack of literacy, convincing evidence, support and syllables to deficiencies in state educational funding and lack of penis length and girth.

Here we see that recent studies clearly support this finding:

The guys who called Coloradans' d*cks small: Shmucks of the Week - Denver News - The Latest Word

Minnesota ranks No. 28 in U.S. penis size. The good news? We're ahead of Wisconsin - Minneapolis / St. Paul News - The Blotter

Geographically, I average about 9 or 10th in top-ten hung, intelligent states. Which myself and my colleague's have found to be true. I would continue to argue that this research supports current ideas that such localism or "native syndrome" assumptions is solely responsible for 96.49% of all douchebags. Margin of error 0%.

Here we see the full scale..

Douchebag<--------*--------*--------*--------*--------*------->Not Douchebag
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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