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MFS early July

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What's the temps going to be like? Water?air? I am kayaking and want to bring a dry top or a dry suit. Also camping temps?

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I have been on a couple of trips in early July, very reasonable temps...should be in the 80's during the day and lows in the high 40's. Afternoon thunder showers are common in the mountains of course. Don't remember the water temps being extremely cold.
I other words weather is about as good as it gets IMO. We'll be a couple of days behind you, should be nice flows as well.

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I'm putting in on the 7/4. I'll wearing a splash top w/ hydroskin short sleave under and board shorts in my boat. Lite sleeping bag and a fleece blanket at night.
I went July 4th once, and about froze to death at Boundary, and for the first 1-2 nights. Daytime temps were great, but it was really cold at night. Brings good layering pieces.
Dirtbag- we got 7/5 maybe run into you. I'm so stoked!
And I'm bringing tons of warm/dry shit. I'm from Idaho and I know it's going to be some chilly nights and cold ass water!
Dirtbag- we got 7/5 maybe run into you. I'm so stoked!
Our group will consist of 2 big dark green maravia willies, a blue vanguard and various kayakers. I'm hoping to get a new boat. Maybe a nano but if that fails I'll be in my red pX 54. Were hoping to take our time above pistol and tearing it though after that. We'll see what the river police let us do. :cool: I've been in the woods a bunch and it seems to be a warmer summer than the last 3 or 4. SYOTR :cool:
You folks are so lucky and should have an awesome trip. Have fun and stay high & dry. I'm envious. I'll have to wait until September for the MF.
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