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first, thanks to everyone on this forum. i've learned a lot about boating/kayaking from your postings. i appreciate it.

i thought i'd share some media i've created recently and some suggestions for anyone who's interested in the same sorta stuff...

so, after a bit of trial and error, i figured out how to, relatively cheaply, make HD video and get it working on youtube. here's my first HD video (whoopee!). double click to bring up the youtube site and see it in full screen:

it does not include anything particularly compelling - no creeking, no extreme rapids, no awe-inspiring moments caught on film. just me and a buddy - "the norweigan" - out for a short day's float.

i mounted a waterproof panasonic DMC-TS1 (Panasonic unveils DMC-TS1 rugged compact camera: Digital Photography Review) to a monopod attached to my cataraft frame and just let the video run while floating. the video was set to motion jpg which produced a 720p quicktime video.

i then used pinnacle systems' studio 14. i've used pinnacle for years and think previous versions were ok but with v14 things are really quite good - it handled HD editing on my modestly-powered windows laptop and never crashed. also, it supports importing quicktime format without a hitch.

for export from pinnacle, i used the predefined 1280i / 720p WMV setting. this made a file about 250MB for 6:30 minutes. i uploaded this to youtube and got the HD option. i think it looks pretty darn good for a $300 camera and a $40 video editing program...

here's the full 250MB wmv file if you want to see the actual output from pinnacle:

the subject is the sandy river near portland oregon. this section is from dodge park down to oxbow park. for those who are unfamiliar with it, it's a class II to III run with wonderful habitat protections all the way from the source along mt hood all the way to the columbia river (with a recently removed dam - the final obstacle for fish passage -

another thing i figured out this year was geotagging photos. here's a photo tour i made of the same section of river:

Sandy River Dodge Park to Oxbow Park 3-20-09 / 10.25 ft flow

this page is the product of phototrackr (GiSTEQ Corp. PhotoTrackr CD111). in short, you sync your camera's time to the gps system, take the logger with you, then later sync your photos with the gps log via the provided software.

an option from within the program is to export the photos to a google map. it's a bit tricky to get set up initially, but i think it's pretty great stuff.

well alrighty then. if you're interested in the same sort of thing, i hope you found something useful. happy new year!

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