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Hello all,

I am currently researching river related safety training in the western USA. Preferably within a days drive of Idaho or Utah as my gear is in Utah and my home will hopefully be Idaho this summer.

I'd like to get a good river rescue and wilderness first aid course Between March 15 and April 30. I also plan to get the required CPR, and a CDL.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a reputable program? Isn't there some training done in Idaho each spring? I'm open to Washington, Oregon, NorCal, Idaho, Utah, Colorado.


As you can see, the training will be good for me:)

Abron Cabron
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Wilderness Medical Intstitute, Through NOLS is a very well established option for WFR and WEMT...
Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
Take your Pick of loactions, quite a few in your neck of the woods: :mrgreen:

Swiftwater rescue is definitely available locally Per state too, maybe Boise Fire, google it... im sure there is top notch training in the whitewater state....
Good Luck, have a great summer, you are approaching it the right way......

Here's our Local Legend, Instructor and Resource for reference: and come to think of it, I bet Uncle Steve could point you in the direction of the best courses in the western US....
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