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We have a trip running the Main Salmon in mid June this year. We have a couple open spots for a rower and passenger. The trip is 20 people 7 days on the water, we are doing a jet boat up shuttle, we cook well, drink light, no smokers or drugs, and pretty easy going folks. Shuttle leaves on June 20.

Our group comes with lots of boating experience, and includes a very diverse crowd.

If you are interested , send me an email. We are looking for a good fit, and don't want someone who is on the river to "work out their problems" (been on that trip more than once, and don't wan't to do it again.) You will need your own boat and carry your share of group gear, we share expenses evenly.

We will lean heavy towards someone who hasn't been on the Salmon before, or if so, rarely.

Send me an email with any questions, and we will get back to you.

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