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Any one in the area and interested in joining me on a kayak self support? I grabbed this permit yesterday and the person who said he'd go with me had a family issue come up. If I can find any takers, I'll be leaving from Missoula, MT early Friday am (July 2), launch before noon and plan on going approximately 25 miles/day for 3 days with a shorter last day, taking out at Carey Creek between 10 and noon on Monday, July 5th. Would drive back to Missoula on Monday. A shuttle company is lined up to shuttle my van - could do one more vehicle with a little advance notice. I have to be at work early Tues am, so a longer trip isn't an option for me.

I'll be on the Lochsa this weekend, so call tonight or I'll return your call Sun night when I get back in cell phone range.

Carol C - a Denver transplant to Missoula.
cell: (303)884-6212
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