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main salmon cancellation for 7/24

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I'm cancelling my Main Salmon trip launch date 7/24 tonight around 10pm PST. just an FYI if anyone is interested it would be good for you to stay up late tonight and try and snag it. They release randomly within 24 hours but I've heard others say it typically is released much sooner.

A benefit to you buzzards who stay home and drink tonight. This still gives you time to plan for a trip. We are cancelling because we picked up a later date cancellation that works better for our journey.

If you do can you please post on here that you got it so anyone else looking for it can give up trying?


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That would go almost perfectly with my MFS permit. Ugh. Too bad I burned my vacation already.

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Where at the .gov site do you find cancellations.
Where at the .gov site do you find cancellations.
you can search for salmon river (4 rivers) interested in permits and wilderness.

I doubt if this link works due to cookies
Entrance Details - 01 Salmon River -

but if it does you can probably just enter the date 7/24. I'm logging in to release it now ...
you probably want to set up an account asap so you can log in if you get it ...
The permit is taken. At this point my group consists of me and my dog so will be looking for people to join us. Anyone interested - please contact me.
Me and my dog would be interested. get in touch. live in steamboat springs co and have alot of river experience and gear. pm me when you can

My dog and I are also interested. I live in Salida, CO also have lots of group gear.

Ruff ruff, woof ruff, woof woof woof (waging tail)!
I'm glad it worked out for a buzzard. I'll be a day behind you but may catch up as we might be tired of rafting after doing the middle first. If you see a small 3 boat group with a yellow decked out 18' aire leopard, feel free to wave and say hi. Happy floating --- be safe.
Thanks Slamkal for the heads up about turning in your permit. So stoked. Will definitely keep an eye out for you. Look for us too - we may be the group with all the dogs. Ha.
Just be sure your dogs dont leave any presents for us at the campsites
I live in steamboat also. would be iinterested. 18' cat raft. some gear.

I have a 14 or 16 ft boat and a kayakers friend. Are you still looking for trip participants?
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