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M and other Playspots

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New to using this forum.

For M Wave is an implosion bar or thruster needed? If skirt implodes how bad is a swim there? I have never been but would like to check it out sometime.

Also what playspots in CO run late into the year? I have been to durango's new play park in June 2014 but am unsure how late into the year it will run.

Thanks guys
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Don't know about M wave, never been. Glenwood wave runs almost all year and is really fun. There is a forum floating around right now about it that you can check out.
What's an M-wave?

You don't need an implosion bar. I heard there is a new low bridge over the canal so don't run the slide above the wave.
I'm going to be in Montrose this weekend- Doing the Gunny Gorge overnight with my wife Sat/Sun. Any locals willing to show me where that local attraction of which we are not supposed speak is? Will probably be down there mid day Friday, should also have some time on Monday.

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