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Get your teams together for BoaterCross Relay! It is a blast and one of the only times kayaking is a team event!

I will try and answer your questions.
Demos-both Jackson Kayaks and Riot are sponsors of the events. Ask "the Craw" from Jackson Kayaks if he will have any demos, I think he will. Riot might also be there with demos.

As for the Rodeo, we are going to take a vote on which hole each class wants to use. Sport will most likely be in the BB hole, while I am guessing the experts and Pro will want the A-hole (drop below the Black Bear Hole).

Here is some stuff on the Dog Comp.

Stick/ Lunker Fetching Competition
This is a timed event and an age old favorite. The dog owner will throw a “lunker” ( Ruff Wear’s version of a stick – pretty cool) into the river. The dog will retrieve the lunker and bring it back to his/ her owner. Fastest time wins - simple!

“Hot Dog” Competition
Bring your dog’s leash! This event is a mass start, timed event with the dog on leash. The owner will be given a plastic spoon and one hot dog cut into sections. The handle of the spoon is placed in the owner’s mouth, and the hot dog section is placed on the spoon. With spoon in mouth and dog on leash, the object is to run the course distance without letting the hot dog drop on the ground. If the hot dog drops, you must replace it with another section before proceeding. Hang on to your dog! This one gets interesting, and the dogs love it!

Sponsored by the Barking Dog Café and RuffWear

As for the Down River. That will depend on flows. Right now we are thinking of running it down from above the Apple Valley bridge at the small diversion dam. It is about 4 miles with some small Class III, but mostley Class II.

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You Bet... I will have the 1st production Creek Boat.. "THE ROCKER" as well as:
River Runner/Creekers
Super Hero,
Superfun, 4fun, Fun, 2fun, Fun1.5, Fun
Star, AllStar, and Superstar

Basicall the whole darn line up!!!

Come out to have fun and drink some seriously good brew from Oscars!!

Should be great weather as well![/u]
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