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Anyone have any idea what's happening this weekend? There's no specific website for LOG. The town has the event listed, but it's focused mostly on Burning Can: Burning Can Beer Festival | Lyons Outdoor Games | Adventure Sports | Oskar Blues | Brewery Festival

The Burning Can website has a schedule of events but no mention of the creek race or freestyle competition:

Under 'Activities' I found this whitewater page and it says the creek race is Friday at 4:30pm but no times noted for the freestyle comp and both still say "details coming soon": LYONS WHITEWATER - Whitewater Events

And, no SUP events. Uh, what's happening with LOG? No website, no information on whitewater events. I understand flows aren't good across the state and maybe the NSV and SSV are too low to hold the events. But if that's the case, at least post something up saying so. Couldn't Longmont bump the flow out of Buttonrock for half a day so the freestyle comp could go on? Someone has to know the story. Sad and disappointing to see such a big event for the whitewater community and the Town of Lyons being handled this way.
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