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Lower Gunnison river water quality alert - Cyclosporiasis / Sewage contamination

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Be careful out there folks.
I've just learned of a hospitalization among our passengers, due to cyclosporiasis infection that is very possibly related to a particularly turd-smelling section of the lower Gunnison river.
On 6/20, downstream of the Pleasure Park near Cottonwood Grove campground (just below Angell falls), a stream-machine battle broke out. Post water-battle several in the crew commented about an extremely foul smell in the water - a lot like a Roto-rooter truck. (The "unlucky one" 🤢 recalls being sprayed in the face)

There is likely a sewage leak somewhere between GRPP and Cottonwood Grove - this has been reported to CDPHE, Delta County, and Bureau of Land Management's Montrose office for investigation.

I would not recommend swimming or water battles in this section of the river for now...a week of liquid shits and vomiting is certainly not worth it.🤮
Make sure to bring extra hand-washing supplies, especially for pleasure craft folks who are snacking along the river.
Cover those bevvies and WASH, wash, wash those hands!

Anyone want to buy some gently used stream machines? They have been in the sun for a couple days...😏