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Last weekend (Oct. 25 & 26th), we dropped releases from Green Mountain Dam to the Lower Blue to around 750 cfs.

Sometime late today or early tomorrow, we will bump releases up 100 cfs putting somewhere around 850 cfs in the Lower Blue. This high release will be short lived.

Beginning at NOON on Friday, Oct 31--Halloween--we will begin scaling back releases by 100 cfs every hour until late afternoon. By Friday night, flows in the Lower Blue should be down to 250 cfs and will remain there through the weekend and beyond.

This means that probably the season's "last hurrah" on the Lower Blue will be the morning of Halloween between 8 a.m. and noon.

As usual, if you have questions etc. reply here, e-mail me or give me at call at (970) 962-4326.

Have a great Halloween!
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