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low-water Selway

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Looking for a rafting couple(s) with own gear to join us on a low water Selway Aug 1 launch 4 day trip. This will be my third trip. You should be comfortable with low water class IV technical boating. pm or email for details.
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Duckies only if you are going for 4 days, right?

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Thinking lightly loaded rafts will be okay since the flow is above average this year but obviously have to see how it plays out.
Last year we launched at 1' in mid-july . We did seven nights on the river and three of those were layovers so really four days of boating. if we would have pushed real hard we could have made it through to moose in probably a day and a half. But it was a lot of work. anything less than that I would think you have a hard time getting down the river in 4 days. I think the paradise gauge was at 0.7 when we got back to Portland. We all agreed that we wouldn't have wanted to do it at 0.7 based on what we saw at one foot

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What do you expect the water level to be? What kind of boat are you running? For us to be a couple I would need to run my 14' raft.
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