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Low water (2k) Jones hole camping

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Which Jones hole camp spot has the best low water access. I usually take #2 and regret it later on after walking up that swampy bank.
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#3 or #4 for sure. #1 landing is at the usual groover spot, #2 at low water is a huge rock pile.
2k is actually a pretty good flow for lodore and whirlpool canyon. low water is <1000 up there, and you gotta be careful at jones or else you'll break an ankle on the rocks.
As nice as #2 is, I won't stay there anymore due to the probability of slipping and getting hurt on that minefield of moss covered rocks. I don't care for the long row out the next day either. Other than that, it's wonderful!
One and two are a pain for landing and setting up camp when there are lower flows. 2000cfs is going to be a welcome upgrade from the 700cfs we had when we made the first run of the year through Lodore in April. We have a Sept 3rd launch!!!!!
Be safe out there....
I always stay at the one I am assigned by the ranger:(, but 3 is my favorite at any water level. This year all the skunks agreed to stay at 2 and 4 making 3 even more desirable..;)
See pics below from July 28th and 29th at about 2000 CFS +/-

Jones Hole 1 - Upper Left
Jones Hole 2 - Upper Right
Jones Hole 3 - Lower Left (where we stayed)
Jones Hole 4 - Lower Right


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