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Hey all,

I lost my old Werner paddle on Filter plant yesterday. It's kind of old and beat up, but still in good shape. It used to have my name and # on it, but if it hasn't worn off the # would most likely not be correct. If you happen to find a Werner paddle with yellowish blades and a black shaft, possibly with "Coburn" or "jaffy" somewhere on it, please return it for beers of your choice. PM me if you happen across it.

I suspect it's long gone. My buddy flipped in a hole, and I watched it float away while I was getting him to shore. The water was running high and fast, and it didn't take long to get out of sight. Definitely not conditions to bring a newbie out in, so I'm considering it penance for a poor choice on my part. I did build up some pretty good karma retrieving other people's gear the last few days, though, so maybe I'll get lucky. ;)

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