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We were following an unmanned craft within yards of the Blue Bridge put in. Couple minutes into the chase its rope deployed, and I yelled for everyone to stay the F away, thinking it would soon anchor itself. Well the rope must not have been connected at all or something broke, 'cause when it pinned, it was gone.

I was on the opposite shore, and thought the rope our team used to unpin it was the original rope. It was not until the take out that I learned the rope had gone missing.

i do not know the owner of said unmanned craft/boat, and he was gone, when we got to the take out, and may not even know of the potential hazard.

Thanks for shuttling my truck though.

As far as I know, not even a quick visual scan was made at the scene.

Likely areas to look are below the low bridge that is about 1/2 mile below the Black tiger fire pull out near Blue bridge.

I will try to do some recon up there soon, but in the meantime, be advised.
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