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Lost red Saturn boat with MRS frame

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Looking for a red 14 ft Saturn raft with an NRS frame. It was last spotted just west of Silt on the Colorado River. Love to get it home:) it also has two dry bags with contact info.

Shane- 970 274 3215

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I live down by silt, ill keep an eye out. It could be in the tangles below silt before rifle. The best place to look is along hwy 6 between silt and rifle. I have to work tomorrow through wednesday day and night. If you dont find between then i can do a float after 5 on thursday with you from silt or new caslre when i get done with work
Hi PineMNKY,

I did end up finding the raft. The boat was caught up on a flood lane river left in a log jam two miles below the I-70 over pass. Just below a washed out cable fence that was stretched across the river!! not good.

There is still two 9' oars and 2 paddles out and about.

Thanks for offering some help. This stretch is not rafted much and you may find some good things caught up if you make a float on Thursday eve. Keep an eye out for that fence that has washed out and strung it's self across the river.

Happy Rafting!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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