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I'd love to have been there.... (Post originally from Boater Talk's Raft Zone

While floating the Main Salmon River in Idaho, last week, we took some of my foamiefun foamie paddlers up some of the side creeks for some FoamieFun.

On lower Bargiman Creek we were launching them from above the footbridge and videotaping the runs down to the bridge. There was a short calm pool with an eddy on the river right just below the bridge. On each run the Foamies would make the last drops under the bridge and eddy out for recovery on the right side.

EXCEPT for the last run. All three, the Foamie R-5 raft crew, the C-2 boat and the K-1 all took the left line. Before we could catch up with them they escaped into the main river and headed off downstream without us.

I think the R-5 raft crew had a full cooler of beer and they were all tired of being exploited for our entertainment; so they just took off on their own.

Two of the three had painted on the bottom of their hulls so I’m hoping if someone finds them they will at least contact me to let me know how far they went.

After losing all the foamies that I had brought on the trip with us, I found a useable piece of driftwood and made another foamie K-1, SalmonElvis, in camp that night. Took him up Sheep Creek a couple of days later and he did a Helicopter launch off a 100 foot cliff and ran some real gnar before also escaping downstream on his own.

I really hated losing ol’ SalmonElvis, but watching him helicopter down into the canyon from such a height and land paddling was worth it.

If you see any of these fellows on the river or know of someone who might have recovered any of them please let me know. I’d be willing to trade new unused foamies for the healthy return of these good friends. Or at least I’d like to know how far they got on their own before being captured.

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