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Lost Paddle on Slaughter House

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I lost a Paddle on Slaughter House on the Roaring Fork Yesterday. It is a orange bladed Warner bent shaft. My name and number on written on it but are pretty faded. It has a round white sticker on the bottom half each blade on the front. If some one can help me out so i can get back on the river i would be eternally grateful.
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Yo Los Cabrones,

We found your paddle river right below Triple Drop yesterday. Call me and we'll get it back to ya...
Hey Blade&Shaft,

Thanks a lot for finding my paddle, i really appreciate it. I have called the number you gave me half a dozen times to get in touch with you and it always has a busy signal. Is there a chance you typed it in there wrong? My phone number is 907 nine 5 seven 610 eight. If you can reach out to me soon that would be awesome because I head back to utah tomorrow.

Thanks again,

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