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Lost Orange Pyranha Burn on Clear Creek

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Lost an orange Pyranha Burn below Narrows in Clear Creek on 6/13/14. Last seen it was going through the whitewater park in an apparent hurry to get out of the state.
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I too lost an orange Burn on Saturday 6/14/14 above Tunnel 1. Mine is a large with a Ten Mile Creek kayak shop sticker on the stern. Please contact me: [email protected] or call/txt at 720-252-6088. Thanks!
I think organizing lost boat threads by color and model is a nice trend.

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There was a red kayak on the right bank between Elbow Falls and Screaming Quarter Mile yesterday afternoon, 6/16. Seems like it must have been pulled up and left behind. Saw it driving the highway.
Details Bruno. Big beat down in Mr Bill?

(Seven two 0) 298-2242
Pretty sure the boat on the river-right shore is a Nomad from another misadventure.
Must be a cross platform
Issue, as rumps photos just look like icons on my iPhone.

(Seven two 0) 298-2242
There seemed to be a orange kayaked pinned against the wall on river right just above Screaming 1/4 mile today. Looked like you might need some rope work to get in position just to retrieve it.
Last night, 6/17, there was an orange kayak pinned on river right across from the Lower CC takeout, just above the dam. Kinda looked like a Burn, but who knows...the deck was facing the wall. At current flows, this will take either a rappel from above to clip into it, or some live bait action from a little cave/eddy upstream. Don't forget about the dam just below if you go for it--that hole looks chunky! Good luck!
I think its time to road trip to Colorado and impose maritime salvage laws and build up me quiver of kayaks???
Don't forget the lost paddles, pfds, ropes (many), sprayskirts, helmets, "unused" groover etc. etc. etc. items. A veritable smorgasbord of opportunities.
It only works real well if you're interested in likely cracked boats with half the outfitting stripped out though. Kind of a niche market.
Two burns might make one good one!
Found mine at I-76 and Federal.
You're welcome to it if you want it.

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That'll buff right out.

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That'll buff right out.

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Good one!

Blitz ski, sorry about your boat but good thing you weren't still in it.
Is the other one pinned right above the dam after the 1/4 mile? Something large and orange was there WEdnesday night.
I'm curious how much of the outfitting survived? Were float bags, throw rope, etc gone? Not trying to give anyone shit, just wondering if everything was ripped from the inside, looks like the boat had a rough time. Glad you weren't in it...
It is clear to me that these large boats are not packing enough floatation to survive unmanned descents.

I think boats should have a higher survival rate if they were filled with as much floatation as is possible. I've been wondering about using fattty bike tubes or small truck tubes that would really expand to the full size of the rear, as well as the front.
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