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First swim in 15 years and I lost my Green Stinger XP. Last time I saw it was in Eagle. I ran home and grabbed another boat and chased after it but no luck to Gypsum. Gypsum Fire said they may have seen it float by? I am assuming it is on the Colorado River by now. May end up stuck on the dam or running Upper and Lower Death?
I do have my name, number and email in it. It also had a Watershed Futa Bag with my Phone and wallet in it. There was also a 4 piece breakdown in there.
I hope it all survives and gets rescued.
Sorry to add to the mess.

Please contact me hear or email me at [email protected]

Thank you,

It is true that we are all between swims.
The only way to stop swimming is to stop boating. I don't like that option
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