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Lost Liquid Logic Stomper 90 Eagle River

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Bright Orange Liquid Logic Stomper 90
Lost below Dowd Chute. Last seen at Kayak Crossing.
Name and Number are in the Boat..

5/30/2014 8:32 PM

Please call Kyle

Please call Kyle or Dana
(970) 390-3362

(970)485-0209 (Phone is in the boat in dry case)

Yes I drank my beer bootie.. Damn it....
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Liquid Logic Stomper Found Eagle River

The boat has been located but is pinned on a log jam river right above Bob's Bridge and the Avon Play Park. Just upstream from the old wooden water wheel.

There is a lot of moving wood on river right upstream from the Bridge / Play park.

I can get to the boat but I need help setting a Z drag. I have my own pin kit but help is welcome.
If anyone is in the Avon area please give me a call at (970) 390-3362 and ask for Dana. My phone is in the boat.

Many thanks and stay safe out there...
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Found Liquid Logic Avon CO

We found the boat and Z-Dragged it off the log jam.
Be careful out there.. It took 4 super strong buys and a 3-1 mechanical advantage and we nearly had to go for a 5-1.
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