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Lost kayak paddle on Middle Fork Salmon

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Our group left a kayak paddle at the Cameron Creek pictograph spot last week. Jen (owner) lives in Colorado, so were hoping a Colorado group picked it up. I live in Boise if anyone finds it. It has Jen Sharp on the blades and her phone number.
Beer upon the safe return of her friend!
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We found Jen's paddle. It's in Montana right now and headed down to Colorado next week with Ben West. Can you PM me Jen's number so I can forwarded to Ben? If I remember right, the number was faded enough to where we couldn't make out some of the numbers.
Sweet! That's great news. Jens number is (303) 656-5287
Cool. I just passed on the info. I think Ben's out of cell range right now, so Jen may not hear from him for a couple days. I think he's back in Denver next week.
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