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Lost Dagger G-Force 6.1 (blue) and AT Paddle (white with green paint) on the Upper C yesterday, 5/5/14, between Rancho Del Rio and State Bridge. Both kayak and paddle have the name "Daniel Cardenas" sharpied on them. A yellow drybag, filled with a pair of Chuck Taylors, green shorts and a charcoal spacecraft hat, was also secured inside the boat.

Please contact Aubrey G. @ 507-273-3854 or myself via mtnbuzz if you have seen either of these items. You will be reciprocated appropriately!

And a BIG thank you to SUP'r Ty for you help in the recovery of the other Dagger. You're a rock star!

How did all this go down you ask? Let's just say Day One back on the river with new additions to our paddling crew proved to be very exciting! Gear can be replaced and everyone is ok.


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