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Lost boat in Deso/Gray

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Embarrassed to admit it, but I lost a ducky in Deso. I almost got pinned against the rocks river left in Steer Ridge rapid. I swam free, but the ducky did not follow. I spent and hour trying to dislodge the boat from its predicament and only succeeded in starting to rip the end of it off. I felt it was better to count my lucky stars and hope someone finds it in one piece when the river comes down. The boat in question is a red Sevylor X-K1 - Permit attached to it is #881. Boat was pinned on 7/12/14. if you find it I'll be happy to reward you for return.

On another angle - We had minimal bugs. We saw no bears, but saw fresh tracks and scat. While camped at Lion Hollow we saw a full size Bison Bull run up the trail for 1/2 mile - No we were not hallucinating! Where the heck did that come from!

Fantastic trip! Super fun water level for the kids. Great weather. Flash floods delayed our shuttle at Sand Wash, but it showed up just as we got to the ramp. Perfect timing. Our Last night the river came up 16 inches and turned red brown and full of logs from a flood just up river.

Thanks for the help and be safe out there!
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If you already haven't done the Price BLM and let them know about ducky wrap. They do weekly patrols and may be able to grab it before it becomes too much trash in the river.

Bison Bull? Didn't know they had them local but according to this article they transplanted some from the Henry Mountains when that allotment reached its population goals. Sounds like they released 70 in the book cliffs in 2011 and hope to have a herd of 300 at some point. Learn something new everyday:

Utah Local News - Salt Lake City News, Sports, Archive - The Salt Lake Tribune

Thanks Restrac2000. I'll call the Price office in the morn. Thanks for the info on the Bison too!
Thanks Restrac2000. I'll call the Price office in the morn. Thanks for the info on the Bison too!
Should have said they aren't likely open until Monday unless they have a non-emergency number to reach an LEO.

Best of luck on getting your equipment back.

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Justin in Breckinridge. He found my boat and was able to remove it with the help of some 3 friends!
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