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Lost AT2 Superlight on Fish Creek CO

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The paddle is black with no markings, except for the red yellow and green rubber in the center of the shaft. there are no stickers, but it has a little epoxy covering some small dings. Bad idea not to write my name on it, I know.
It may have floated down to the Yampa. if found please please please call me
Im super broke and devastated this thing is gone!
email is
[email protected]

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Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy this news makes me.
I figured the paddle was destroyed in that creek.
But the great thing about this paddle being returned to me, is that I was foolish enough not to put my name on it. Its an amazing paddle. It would be so easy for someone to find and feel the urge to keep it. These types of incidents totally restore my faith in humanity! I love boating so much, because I love the community. This is such a good reminder of how great you guys all are. Man, I'm a happy dude.
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