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Hi all,

I accidentally left my AT2 Flexi shaft paddle on the beach at the downstream (2nd) camp at Jackson Creek on the Lower Owyhee yesterday morning (Monday May 27th). I know it sounds like that would be an impossible thing to do, but yeah, sadly that's what happened.... (Basically, my husband and I were swapping turns playboating vs. rowing our kids in the raft. We share a lot of our kayaking gear, but we each prefer different paddles. Hence, I geared up for my turn to row that morning, and by the time I got everything loaded and the kids onboard the raft, I just wasn't thinking about my kayak paddle... bummer.) We were camped at the bottom of the eddy at Jackson Creek (river left; the most downstream of the 2 camps there). The paddle is behind the 3'x4' rock on the right hand side of the beach.

Anyway, if you find it, I would be incredibly grateful if you would please give me a call! 5for1-521-52nine1 Thank you!!!

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