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All black with Magnum blade, shaft likely scratched up ... Buzzard DidNotWinLottery posted funny comment: "Nothing gets returned with out the story behind the loss on the Buzz!"

He/she is right: We had 3 consecutive Split Mtn day trips; June 8 buddy Dave flips his 14 ft Vangard dumping 4 people in the Green; Then June 10 he's oaring my little 12Ft Riken Dodger against left wall I believe near Schoolboy rapid, hit's a pillow of water, stalling -- current grabbed back of Riken and DAVE flipped AGAIN; 3 of us in the water -- that's two flips in 3 days ..... Way to go Dave!! Dave's wife was Pissed fer sure. Riken got away, saved by local guides (Thanks folks!); they
beached Riken River Left across from boat ramp; we retrieved with only one oar missing. IF FOUND, REWARD -- I'm Michael (hummer) here or call 970-418-6757, personal & work phone (greeting: Masterwork) Or turn oar into Park Service at Split Mtn Please. Thanks.
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