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Lost 2 oars on the Animas

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Yep, flipped on the first big wave in the newly refurbished Smelter Rapid in Durango this afternoon. (In my defense the river was cooking at 4800 and I was in a small Jack's Plastic Cutthroat cataraft.)

No worries except I lost two almost new yellow 4CRS oars. (I think they are 8 1/2') If anyone finds them I'd appreciate a message.

Cell: 816-739-7584
email: [email protected]

Steve Toburen
Durango, CO

PS The ironical thing is Sioux and I just finished a 21 day down the Grand Canyon and I didn't flip once. (No serious problems other than Sioux getting knocked out in the bottom hole at Upset.) Ah, the ignominy- to flip in Smelter. (If you find my oars it will ease the pain.)
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