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I have a brand new never used, other than storing some gear in it currently, Eddy out aluminum dry box. It is in perfect condition and feels very well built. I thought it was going to be the perfect size but I think I want a bigger one. This one is 38L x 13W x 16H, I'm putting it in a 15 footer with 4 bay frame and was planning on rowing from a seat on top. The 13 inch width is smaller than I imagined and am now wishing I got a bigger one. The boat width is about 45 inches so could even go bigger.

Looking to trade or possibly sell if I can line up another option to purchase a bigger box, not willing to sell it unless I have something lined up. Many shops look to be sold out or at least months out which is why I'm seeing if anyone wants to trade. I'm ok with a used box, doesn't have to be new, equal trade or extra cash on either end depending on quality etc...
Looking for a box 40L x 16W to 20W x 16H to 18H

I also got some aluminum tabs I was hoping to weld onto this Eddy out box but haven't got around to that yet, can include these tabs if new owner would like them. If selling I'm asking $500 for box and tabs, located in Littleton, CO 80126

Let me know what you have and if you'd like to trade?

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