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Looking to rent a wife

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Just kidding about the rental part but I am for a person that knows a little about rafting. I have a wife that is not able to go on the raft trip (Ruby horse theft ) I have a 5 year old and 11 year old. Just looking For a little help with the safety side of things. Launching and docking mostly.
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Cool. A flat water trip with some dude and his kids. Sounds like a blast.
go to bonedale and pick up some day labor???
I'd say your 11yo should be put to work. Maybe try a little different approach with your thread, you're looking to get hazed with that title. Remember to wear PFD's all the time with those kids.

bring shade,lots of shade.
Your really shouldn't need help with that, but if you do you should look for a paddling adolescent and pay it as a babysitter.

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