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I know, what's the fun in flatwater paddling :)

But, if you think paddling/floating on Horsetooth Reservoir
would be enjoyable, I'm looking for some more safety boaters
for the 2.4 mile & 1 mile swims for the Horsetooth Swims
( If one or two want to help on the
10K swim, that's ok as well, but the largest need is on the
shorter swims.

This is for the race this Sunday, August 12th. You would need
to be at Satanka Cove on Horsetooth Reservoir, and ready to
go at 6:30am for a quick meeting and then put on the water by
~6:45-6:50am. Race starts at 7am. You should be off the water
by 9:30 am at the very latest - unless you want to paddle out to
watch the 10K swimmers come in.

For the 2.4/1mile course it's much like running safety on a
triathlon. You paddle out to a section of the course and watch
~100 swimmers go by swimming and making sure none of
them wander too far into the lake nor run into trouble.

If you or anyone else you know are interested, please send me
a note to [email protected] .

About all I can promise other than a nice float on the lake
would be a t-shirt.

Many thanks
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