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Looking for experienced paddler for upper GC Launch Dec. 7

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We are looking for an experienced, safety minded paddler to row my 14 foot Maravia cat boat for the upper half of the Colorado, GC, 12 days. Launch Dec. 7th. from Lee's Ferry and switch at Phantom Ranch on the 18th of Dec. Must provide your own personal gear; life jacket, helmet, tent, dry suit, transportation to put in and take out and 100.00 permit fee. We provide food and boat.

This is a two person float trip, and is open to more paddlers who might have the gear and time off to float with us.


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Next time let me know!

wish you good trip , and this is what I really wanted; to join someones trip. I am expierence, and I have done it. If someone reads this, I am "go" next time (this year only after February). Winter trip OK. Raimond.
Hey Jolene, if you have not found folks and want to widen your shout out, I can help with that. e-mail me at [email protected] Yours, tom
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