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Hey guys, I moved to Colorado a few years ago from Pennsylvania. Learned to paddle and roll out there. I was paddling with a guy out here for a season or so until he moved away in 2012. When I was paddling with him we did a lot of the Middle and Lower Narrows of the Cache la Poudre. I was very comfortable on the Middle and was getting down the Lower (swam once) a decent amount (probably 20-30 laps total) because of the ability to lap it.

Since Spring/Summer of 2012 I haven't been in my boat but a few times. I am looking for some people to get together with to get myself back into it. I would rate myself at a pretty competent class III boater, which after I get myself back into things would really like to get into some Class IV stuff.

Looking for some people to re-show me the ropes and help me get my game back and step it up some down the road. I live in South Denver and work as an RN at Denver Health so I can paddle fairly regularly only working 3 days a week. I normally work Wednesday - Friday nights so I'm available Saturday afternoons through about Tuesday morning on a normal week.


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