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I have 6 fiberglass kayaks made by Phoenix. These belonged to Link (aka "Linda") Hilbert who was involved with Phoenix and other whitewater businesses. I believe this is close to the full range of Kayaks offered by Phoenix and would make a great collection.

I am not interested in selling these. If money is raised then a donation to a non-profit could be made in her name. But we mainly want to find a good home for these boats. They are still very much in river worthy condition.

Link was part of the first all women group to kayak down the Grand Canyon, and has been featured in a few documentaries. I'm hoping to find someone who knew her or was somehow involved with Phoenix or her other businesses, and would appreciate having this near complete collection. I'm not going to get rid of these right away, and I'm putting out the word now but will hang on to them for at least a few months to make sure the best home is found for them. They are currently located in Jackson Hole Wy.


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