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Hey folks.

I am looking for a safe place to pitch by TIPI for the second half of May and the first half of June (+/-).

26' Diameter, beautiful design. Area needs to be flat, private and somewhat close to whitewater. BV general area 1st thought (center of state), but would love to hear about anything. Willing to trade (a smile, some carpentry, gardening, split firewood, a tipi site for you in Maine, whatever is reasonable given the site and your needs.). Unused mining claim, back 40, etc.

I know I can go onto public lands, but private would be preferred, for security reasons (TIPI will be full of all the boats we are not using that day or week).

This usually works well - done it in OR and in the NE.

Prefer area with minimal mosquitos.

Will probably spend 50% of nights there, the rest on rivers.

If you have some land and an open mind, let me know...

If you want some visuals --- Nomadics Tipis

Yakrafter (and Mrs. Yakrafter)
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