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Never done a November Lodore trip before -- 850 is low, but doable (especially in a cat).

I seem to recall Disaster Falls (middle and lower) being the most difficult at really low flows. There's one spot in particular between upper and middle where everyone gets hung up (and easily off).

The dangerous section, in my mind, is the final drop along the river-right wall at/below lower disaster. Stay to the extreme river left. There's a huge shallow eddy on the left before the drop. You'll see the undercut wall on the right. The current is misleading and various channels drop you right into an undercut. I've seen many wedged rafts in there over the years. We (local commercial guides) used to call it "Miwok Wall".

Triplet is boney near the top and middle but fine because the current is moving so slow. Don't worry about getting too far against the wall at the bottom before making the move down the chute -- it's not pushy at low flows. Stay in the current and away from the shallow rocks along the right (upper section) and left (middle and lower sections), which will only screw you up.

Hells is fine, too. Definitely try to stay left at the first big sloping rock (Hippo rock? Satan's?). If you go right, you'll park it just downstream on a ledge. The problem lies in the lower middle section of Hells. Look for the middle line and visualize water flowing around all those rocks. Somehow, you'll make it through.

Hope that helped.

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