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Lodore: night-time lows in July?

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Need some info to help group members plan gear. What's the usual low temp in July> the web says 50's. ??
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Where you camp can make a huge difference on night time temps. Camps with south facing cliffs can radiate significant heat.

Might not be an issue in July, but I can remember nights in August that didn't drop below 90, even on the beach. We ended up sleeping in wet towels.

It is also a challenge that the terrain and micro-climate change during the trip. Camps like Deer Park and Jones Holes are almost pine & cottonwood forest, while other camps are desert rock canyons.

On one late July trip I recall needing my fleece and sleeping bag for a chilly, wet, windy overnight at the put -in, then never wearing long pants for the rest of the trip.

Here is a packing list I found on line.... I hope it helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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