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Lodore Firewood?

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Looks like I will not have the usual fire ban for my Lodore trip. Anyone have any info on the availability of fire wood in the canyon.
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Can't collect wood until you're below the confluence.

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Best to bring your own. I didn't see much below the confluence. Just got off it on the 28th. Don't forget the fire blanket.

Caverdan, how were the flows? I've only run it real high or real low. What was the last day like?
The flows were very forgiving. It rained on us every night, but the last day was beautiful. We pushed off from Jones Holes around 9:30 and were at the take out by 4:00....... with no wind and blue skies. :) We got lucky!!
I was on a Lodore trip that took out two weeks ago. Word from Flaming Gorge operators at the time was that flows of 1600-2600 would be sustained till September 30th. There is a daily fluctuation for power generation, but the highs and lows flatten out somewhat the farther downstream you are from the dam. This flow is great compared to the 850 cfs we have come to expect this time of year.

Firewood gathering is restricted to driftwood along the river below the confluence. I saw a lot of promising driftwood piles, but didn't stop to inspect them. Should be plenty of wood if you are willing to work for it. Some of our camps had stacks of firewood left over from the previous groups, too.
drinking water

Is there water at the Lodore put in. Is water still available at Eco park?
Is there water at the Lodore put in. Is water still available at Eco park?

Yes there is water at both places.

We just finished our Lodore trip on the 6th. Flow was great for this late in the year. 6 Cats, one round boat and 10 people. Had a great time as always on Lodore and was thankful for ample water that made the rapids a bit less rocky!!!! Water was still on and the rangers at both ends were fantastic!!! There is plenty of drift wood at Jones 4 and we left a small pile of split pine for someone to enjoy.
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