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Lodore- Bugs & Pests & Such

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Does anybody have any current info on Skeeters and Yellow Jackets on Lodore?
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Just got off Lodore on Friday, the skeeters were not bad. In the Canyon they were only a bit noticeable at dusk. They were more noticeable at Island Park right around dusk, but still not terrible. Horse Flies are still out and about, but also not to bad. I didn't see any yellow jackets. Have a great trip.
Muchas Gracias!
Just got off Wednesday with one yellow jacket sting and not much bug action at all. Never got out the spray or bug hut.
Any comments on the rangers?

(Shutzie runs off cackling)
Yes, Kelly is great! We are lucky to have her managing the river office.
Just FYI,
Took Off on Saturday. Great Weather, Good Flows, overall an epic trip. Bugs were not an issue except when we had fresh salmon. The yellow jackets seem to love that stuff. I tried the sweet whiskey in an inverted water bottle as a trap, it did not work. After reading all the yellow jacket control methods in a thread last year, I was looking forward to trying it.

Kelly @ River Office is super, as always! Also happy to report that Ranger Scotty had improved over last year.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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