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Lochsa Raft Thief

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My 12' Blue Maravia bucket boat was taken from the Lochsa Falls Viewing Area on Sunday May 24th. An early 2000's Brown Dodge 3500 flatbed truck was seen with leaving with the boat headed down river. The boat has a grey single thwart and has peeling blue paint. Please help me find my Jezebel! Please email me with any information.

[email protected]
815 954 4935
Bozeman, MT
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OH, bummer...

Try posting here, you might have more luck. I hope it shows up.
idahowhitewater : Idaho Whitewater
I saw your signs down at the restaurant, and at the FC bathrooms. It sounds like someone drove off with it? I know our shuttles were so crazy that I wouldn't have been surprised if a boat went the wrong place.

I recommend you also post here:
NorthwestWhitewater : Messages : 143-172 of 172

And there's some yahoo groups PDX, and Idaho kayaking group (non yahoo).

Did you tell 3 rivers and the photo guy, in case they hear of someone trying to find the owner?

What a bummer to an EPIC weekend :(
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