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LL Race boat at Rey del Rio

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Looks like LL may be working on a 9' race boat. Check out Pat Kellers boat in the videos from the race. Looks a lot like Pats favorite boat, the RPM.
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Looks fast! Although Pat is an animal so it's hard to tell what's what, the boat or the man. A few of us have been asking for this for awhile and it's come up again and again under the #AutomaticForThePeople when asked what designs people would most like to see. Who better than Pat to have working on this! I'm really loving that LL is all about the speed these days. It's definitely influenced my paddling progression and style over the last 5 years but I really think it's influenced the prevailing culture, style and overall boat design of the past few years as well.

I gotta say I hate the RPM comparisons. The RPM was a great boat but the comparisons to the Remix fail to capture the progression of the hull design that just gives it so much more speed and acceleration than an RPM... and I'm pretty sure this new boat will have a hull designed for speed - and be very different from the RPM.
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Ok, not an RPM. Looks like a Dagger Axiom.
Fast bomber creek boat hull with a sick slicing tail and a fast surfacing deck profile would be my guess. Designed to fly and not to be the radical play machine
Sounds like the same prototype boat that was at the Green Race.
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