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I posted this in the Boater's Forum, but this might be a more appropriate place:

I have a chance to buy both boats and am wondering which will be better for me. I'm 5'10", 200 lbs. size 9 dawgs. Previous playboats I liked: Bliss-Stick Flipstick, Ace 5.1 and Big EZ. I liked the Ace and Big EZ, but wanted more playability. I liked the Bliss-Stick, but I can get a pop or Air 55 for cheaper and they seem lighter and, well, better!

I want to river run up to Class III and maybe easier class IV with it, with an emphasis on playing in every wave, hole, and eddy line I find (and playing in flatwater and everywhere else I can). I have a Dagger CFS for creeks and more serious waters.

Oh yeah, I live in Denver, and plan on being at the Golden WW park as much as possible and running the Ark some, too (I go there quite a bit) and maybe Lyons PP, too...

Which boat sounds better for me? Oh yeah, I can do all the slicey boat crap, cartwheels, splitwheels, squirts, etc...and I want to get into some aerials. I actually almost had the Flipstick looping on my first day in it. But, I want to be able to get downriver on rivers like the Ark.


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