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Liquid Logic Gus any good

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Hey Im looking at picking up a boat that I will feel comfortable running big water in and possibly for multi day trips. I found a used Liquid Logic Gus for sale at a reasonable price, anybody have an opinion about this boat?
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The Poudre Gnarrows Champ won his buckle using a gus, must be good 'nuff...
It's largely a forerunner of the Jefe, though it's faster and doesn't boof as well. Some people love 'em. Since it's an older creekboat, I would be very wary about big gouges or other signs the hull will crack soon.
Minus the cracking hull
Good, strong boaters seem to like them. I never paddled one, but a search on this site should yield results. From what I hear they track really well, are fast, built with multidays in mind, but you really have to apply some muscle move them around.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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