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Lightweight, no-cooler food for 16?

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Planning a low water 3 day duckie trip for 16. We have 2 small boats for the kitchen, groover, coolers. Looking for suggestions on tasty meals hopefully lightweight and non cooler. Thanks!
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Made a curried couscous that is quit tasty and easy. I substituted pearl couscous for the instant stuff and ignored any perishables. Easy to find freeze dried veggies to add if need be.

Curried Couscous Salad with Dried Sweet Cranberries Recipe : Dave Lieberman : Food Network
I did a Grand Canyon kayak self-support trip this winter. Space savings was important and no way to pack a cooler.

We took almost entirely Backpackers Pantry dehydrated breakfast and dinners and were blown away at how good they were.

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We use thrive freeze dried food. They have recipes on their web site, I find what we want, put in the servings needed and order the amount you need. I put together the meals in seal a meal bags. Add water, boil, and enjoy.

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I definitely second the Backpackers Pantry. They are awesome and the best no-cooler food that I have had. They have good options for all meals, including deserts!
Check out backpacking light forums

If you google for backpackinglight and sauces, you'll find a post where somebody put together a bunch of shelf stable sauces that you can use to feed large groups (with your grain of choice). They're pretty tasty, too.
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