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Like Joel has said in his earlier post start dancing, praying, or whatever it is you do to attract snow, rain or whatever moisture we can get. The snow season is far from over!! This attitude of giving up on the snow season is LAME!!! Have you ever lived in the high country...its winter there until at least mid-May

Last year I posted a topic about the reserviours are half full not half empty. It was about how everybody in CO seemed to have this negative attitiude about another crappy water year. People must have jumped aboard the happy thought patterns because LITERALLY within 1 week later a 7 foot snow storm hit the front range and most of the mountains and solved the problem of no water. I am not implying this happened because of my post, although it would be really cool if this was the reason. But I'm saying anything can happen!!!

So all those who find themselves biatchin...STOP...for one its really annoying and nobody likes to be around you and second theres still a great chance for more moisture to come. Just look at the weather forecast...Chance of rain/snow through Thursday.

Start thinking positive and you might find life to be a little more pleasing. And if it takes wearing a pair of dirty undies to help...THEN DO IT!!

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