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Lefthand Crick

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I've heard some unseemingly rumors that Lefthand might have actually become a kayaking run after the floods. Is anyone in that area able to get a visual to know if the rains are bringing it in?
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It also got a gauge or two on the DWR page.

122 ought to be about the right range to run it. It is one I have never bothered to look at too closely.

Data Source: Co. Division of Water Resources
Rating Table: STD12FTPF
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Most Recent Value: 122 cfs 7/30/2014 10:15
Current Shift: -0.04 Gage Height: 1.86 ft

Provisional Data Subject to Revision

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And while the Golden gauge is slowly dropping, the Boulder Creek gauge is steadily climbing with no let up to the rain in sight. 243 just a moment ago.

Anyone else got some free time to go run either of these soon?

I probably wouldn't subject Riley to Left hand just yet, but Boulder Canyon is in his comfort zone.
Have not been up there since the flood ,but did see that one drop that is a short ways below the normal takeout was exposed that looks potentially good..It is below where a culvert blew out .I think they replaced it with a bridge apx 1/4 mile below takeout park.There is access below there.The short stretch between the book takeout and the culvert had a big tree across it in tight fast flat with sketchy eddy options before the flood...might be gone or worse....come on Dave the best parts of Lefthand were sort of like a bonier Elephant Buttress with wood /was an interesting looking drop on James creek about a mile above confluence,low bridges short ways down though.....
Jason you out there?been up there ? Ran it ?
Kevin, let me know if you go check it out. I might join you.
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